Price: $350

State: California
City: Moreno Valley
Zip code: 92555
Type: Pets

This is PawsAlaMode Heart & Soul, a gorgeous solid black female Persian. We call her Heartsy, and she is super outgoing, affectionate, friendly, and ready to cuddle everyone! She will be spayed this month and looking for her forever home as a retired princess, seeking a warm lap and a loving home to spoil her. She is very clean and neat, is very healthy and has never had any health concerns. She has huge, beautifully expressive eyes, and she doesn't tear at all. She has been groomed regularly since early kittenhood, and tolerates all grooming very well; bathing, drying, combing, or shaving. She is currently clipped into a lion cut for the summer, but will grow a big, beautiful coat if you are willing to maintain it. She is two years old, will be three in August, and will be available as a pet for a nominal fee to offset the cost of her spay and updated vetting. Please tell me about your home life and family if interested. Thank you!